NYTimes Travel: 36 Hours in San Francisco
In a city that’s constantly reinventing itself, San Francisco has endless offerings, from bowling in the Mission to diversions on the waterfront, not to mention creative restaurants and bars.

Best Restaurants of 2013, Nicholas Lander, Financial Times

Matt Straus – “Top Sommeliers of 2011”Food and Wine

“This charming bistro has high ceilings, old wood floors, and a bar overlooking the open kitchen, which serves new takes on simple fare like marinated-beet salad. But the best dish isn’t on the menu: Ask for the Heirloom burger, which has Époisses cheese worked into the ground sirloin.” Bon Appetit

“Many chefs have chosen collaborations with a sommelier, but Straus can do it all. It’s this duality that makes Heirloom special.” Michael Bauer

“The fact that an impressioned operator with refined vision and limited capital can open a first endeavor that satisfies so completely speaks to the sustainability and enduring appeal of our very local cuisine.” Patricia Unterman