Heirloom Café was founded with two concurrent ambitions: to offer a wide variety of aged wines from a carefully managed cellar, and to serve simple, very well-prepared food at reasonable prices.

Our wine cellar and our love of mature wines are the foundation of our restaurant. We have been actively identifying and sourcing wines from our favorite producers in California and regions all over Europe for many years, and we are thrilled, every night at the restaurant, to be able to offer dozens of different wines which have had years in the bottle to improve.

The kitchen at Heirloom is dedicated to offering a menu which is concise, seasonal, highly selective, and exceedingly tasteful. We are not any more interested in working with harder-to-find, esoteric ingredients than we are in working with very good carrots and onions. Whatever the time of year, we pride ourselves on developing plates and presentations which maximize flavor, aesthetic beauty, integrity, and value.

When guests arrive at the restaurant, we feel as though we’re welcoming them into our own dining room. Our favorite music to play during dinner depends on the time of night, but is usually old jazz, played by Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, or Dave Brubeck. Rather than improving like the wines, we find that those musical performances from the last century sound just as good as they did when they were first recorded.

We think of the restaurant as a nice place to visit often, and we welcome you to join us for a great meal sometime soon.

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