Heirloom 5 Year Index

Age in years of the building at 2500 Folsom: 115

Age in years of the design of the William Morris wallpaper at the restaurant: 136

Age in years of the La Marzocco two-group espresso machine at the restaurant: 1

Staff members who have designed desserts at Heirloom since 2010: 2

Staff members who have designed dinner entrees: 2

Staff members who have expedited and managed the dining room: 4

Floral arrangements composed for the front podium by Pat Miller at A Bed of Roses: 247

Reviews of a dining experience at Heirloom on the OpenTable website: 490

Percentage of diners who said in their OpenTable reviews that they would recommend Heirloom to a friend: 98

Epoisses cheeseburgers cooked, plated and served: 19,231

Gallons of water used to raise the meat for those cheeseburgers: 14,799,857

Gallons of water required for each cheeseburger: 770

Gallons of water that would be wasted if every guest left a full water glass on the table at the end of every night at the restaurant for a year: 3600

Heirloom Sunday night cellar dinners with or without winemakers: 37

Wineries from around the world featured in verticals on the Heirloom list: 46

Wineries from the US featured on the list: 14

Different wines on the Heirloom wine list vintage 2008 or older and $100 or less: 46

Different wines on the Heirloom wine list: 347

Vintages of Ceritas Porter-Bass Chardonnay poured by the glass in five years: 8

Current members of the Heirloom Wine Club: 92

Heirloom staff members who resigned their employment and returned: 5

Heirloom staff members who resigned, returned, and also worked in both the kitchen and as servers: 4

Past and present Heirloom staff members with tenures of two years or more: 9

Renditions of Happy Birthday sung to employees by everyone in the dining room: 11

Surprise visits at the restaurant by mariachi bands, so far, to celebrate Jaime’s birthday, which is July 16th: 0

Annual Valentine’s Day candy sent to the restaurant staff by the owner’s mother: 5

Heirloom babies born on opening day or after: 3 (+1 on the way)

Restaurants anywhere in the world enjoyed as much by Financial Times restaurant critic Nicholas Lander in 2013 as Heirloom Café: 9

American restaurants on Mr. Lander’s worldwide top ten list of 2013: 2

Evenings at the restaurant when we really could have used a ceiling fan or two: 16

Individual suggestions made to the owner by the staff that the restaurant could use a ceiling fan or two: 472